“And the day came, when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin


Individual Sessions

A safe and supportive space for healing and learning.

“In the depths of winter, I finally learnt that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

Workshops and Groups

Collaborative learning opportunities including one off workshops and ongoing groups.

My Approach

I offer a welcoming and non-judgemental space where you are supported to open, share and grow at a pace that works for you. Together we bring awareness to your experiences and challenges, and gently find pathways to healing and sustainable change. I value slowing down, noticing, trusting, and allowing space for all your feelings and experience. Using a body based, trauma specific approach, coupled with practical information and support, we build awareness, skilfulness, and vibrancy. I have a passion and specific interest in experiences of sexual violence and sexual trauma. Combined with my knowledge and skills in bodywork, sexology and somatics I offer a unique and transformative invitation that steps beyond healing to abundant aliveness and vitality.

“For a long time I thought my ‘touch issues’ were just part of who I was. Susan helped me to realise my body’s reaction to touch and physical closeness, were a result of the sexual trauma I experienced in my relationship. Susan has gently guided me to build awareness and tolerance of sensations and experiences in my body, which has helped me move forward in ways that other therapies hadn’t. Susan is very approachable, understanding, and deeply intuitive, and brings a sense of ease to difficult conversations.”


"In the short time I have been working with Susan she has helped me to uncover insights that no other therapist has so far. Susan listens carefully and empathetically to my thoughts and feelings and provides valuable guidance and prompts for me to delve further. I feel really positive on my healing journey with Susan, and I have already made huge leaps and bounds"


"Susan has taught me to use my intuition, feeling into moments through awareness and curiosity rather than judgement and self-criticism. She helped me to develop my voice and vocabulary around consent and recognise ways in which my body houses emotional reactions. This allows me to step back from triggers and be empowered in the choices I make."


"Susan holds a wisdom and strength that is firmly rooted in respect and equality. I always feel empowered during and after our sessions as she holds space as though she is walking alongside you rather than in front. She weaves her experience and knowledge into the session with such transparency and without agenda which is so helpful in feeling safe. I have learned and gained so many great and practical techniques to help with my trauma responses and how to step into being authentically myself and inhabit my body."