“Central to the process of being somatically aware is a divinely humoured awe and a relentless curiosity.”

Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Somatic Sex Coaching

Individual or couple sessions, workshops and events.

This section of my site includes pictures of nudity and touch. Please enter here with caution if this makes you feel uncomfortable


Individual sessions, support groups and workshops for those seeking to heal and explore sex and intimacy.


Workshops and supervision for practitioners working in Sexological Bodywork, counselling and helping professions.

Hi!  I’m Susan.

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sex Educator and Counsellor. I offer individual or couple sessions and enjoy facilitating a range of workshops and events. Over the past two and a half decades I have worked with a diversity of people spanning the spectrum of trauma to pleasure. I bring mindfulness, compassion and loving presence to my work and have a deep respect and appreciation for what it takes to begin and continue a journey of discovery and healing.


Communication and consent

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Sessions are an opportunity to take a risk, find your voice and learn to notice and express your needs, boundaries and desires to others. We live in a culture where we are strongly discouraged and shamed around sex and sexuality. Breaking this silence and practicing the dynamic nature of authentic consent is an important and empowering sexual skill.

Erectile dysfunction

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Sessions are a safe and supportive place to unravel your experience, fears and intentions. Together with patience and compassion we explore, reclaim and discover embodied pathways to sexual pleasure.

Arousal anatomy and orgasm

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Very few of us receive quality sex education, yet most of us are expected to just know how to give, receive and create lifelong pleasure. Having detailed information about anatomy, strokes and the expansive dynamic nature of orgasm are valuable tools in the creation and experiencing of sexual pleasure.

Shame and anxiety

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Working somatically brings real and sustainable change in this area that can profoundly increase experiences of connection, intimacy and pleasure with others. Utilising foundational embodiment skills and offering a safe and affirming place to practice are key to being able to regulate our bodies and engage fully in everyday life.

What I can help with…

Touch and intimacy skills

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By slowing down and cultivating awareness and presence we can learn to experience deep and connecting levels of intimacy with ourselves and others. Learning new ways to touch, map and explore builds confidence, skilfulness and ownership of our pleasure and experiences.

Healing from sexual violence

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Reclaiming our sexual sovereignty and pleasure by working with body memory and wisdom is a powerful healing tool. By slowly and gently reconnecting to the body we begin to feel, shift and move from a place of stuckness to aliveness. Healing through pleasure with new information, awareness and skills supports survivors to reclaim their bodies, pleasure and intimacy with themselves and others.

Reconnecting with body and pleasure

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Learn how to get out of your head and be fully present and available to sensation in your body. Feeling and embracing the spectrum of contrasting sensation from subtle to intense, is a skill that expands our experiences and appreciation of our bodies.

Reliance on porn

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Move beyond the influence and reliance on technology and discover an endless source of embodied and expansive pleasure. By learning skills to deepen presence and sensation, we gradually reclaim abundant cyber free sensual pleasure.


Premature ejaculation

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Ejaculation choice requires embodied awareness and the ability to notice and regulate our own arousal. For many anxiety or performance pressure impacts on this choice. Experimenting and practicing some key techniques without agenda, rebuilds the presence and confidence required to enjoy the fullness of our sexual experiences.

Low libido

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Life and bodies change and so does our libido. With curiosity we can begin to unravel and understand deeper layers of arousal and desire and explore new and interesting aspects of our erotic self. With renewed awareness, information and skills, we begin to expand and use change as an invitation to venture beyond the familiar.

Partner connection and intimacy

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Build a tool kit of ways to bring meaningful connection with intimate others that are simple yet profound. Learning skills of presence, breath, touch and awareness can transform the boredom and dullness and invite new shared discovery.

Scar remediation

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Using castor oil and massage techniques for scars that impact on sensation or hold stories and experiences supports them to gently dissolve and heal. This beautiful and nurturing work is suitable for any healed scars from caesarean section to more minor injuries. Working in this way with scars from self-harm is a profound healing opportunity.

How I work…

I offer a somatic, experiential approach to people experiencing challenges regarding sex and intimacy as well as those who are seeking to discover or reclaim more pleasure and fulfillment in their sexual lives. My warm, non- judgemental approach encourages people to explore, experiment and discover the tools that work best for them, without the pressure of performance or agenda. I am passionate about healing through pleasure and facilitating people’s ability to connect and live more embodied lives. I am a member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia and work in accordance with their Code of Ethics. My sessions are uniquely tailored to the individual needs and curiosities of clients and built on a foundation of ongoing authentic consent.

“Susan is the perfect balance of professional and warm. From the moment we walked in, we felt supported and safe. Her approach is completely open and non-judgemental. She is a wonderful listener and made sure she understood where we were both at. We left feeling WAY more connected after building up to exploratory partner work and confident to practice new strategies at home for deeper connection and love! So grateful!”


“Susan has been a knowledgeable and thoughtful somatic teacher. In every session we have had, I have learned something new about embodiment and erotic mindfulness, at a pace that she took care to make sure I could cope with. Since our sessions began, my anxiety has drastically reduced, my relationship with my partner has become closer, and I am enjoying sexual intimacy much more than I have for years. I have started to realise how unaware and uneducated about my body I have been, and the many facets of pleasure and relationships that I have not yet explored. I trust Susan as my educator and guide in this new territory.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. As I had no expectations of what to expect from seeking your help, it was however a very relaxed and enjoyable first meeting, as was the second and third sessions. You made me feel comfortable in a safe non-judgemental environment. You are extremely easy to talk too, which allowed for me to be totally honest with you about what I'm feeling and what I would like to achieve from our sessions. I look forward to our future sessions.”


Recent Posts

A Personal Love Story

A Personal Love Story

Our love affairs are mostly with others.
They are often fuelled by passion, desire and intrigue.
We long to be together.
To explore, discover and embellish pleasure.
The chemistry of new love is compelling, and irresistibly intoxicating.
Many of us spend a life time trying to rekindle it or find it anew.
If we stay long enough in these love affairs, with intentionality and skill, we deepen, evolve and find erotic maturity.
It is rich and wonder-full.

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Four Words that describe exactly what a I do as a Sex Coach!

Four Words that describe exactly what a I do as a Sex Coach!

If I was to describe what I do in as few words as possible, it would be this.
I help people feel.
Yes, decades of diving into trainings, personal development and practice, summed up in a few little words.
At its essence however, pure and simple, this is what I do.
I help people feel.
Whether it’s building an ability to get out of their heads and present to the sensations of their bodies.
Or gently, slowly digesting the stuckness and survival patterns created by trauma.
Or cultivating a bandwidth to fully bear pleasure without shutting down or relying on another.
At its core, it is all about our ability to slow down, notice and feel.

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Want mind blowing sex…. my number one tip of where to begin

Want mind blowing sex…. my number one tip of where to begin

Many people, want mind blowing sex.
They want sex that opens and expands their hearts and pleasure, beyond what they already know is possible.
They want aliveness and vibrancy that ripples and resonates in their bodies for days, months, years even.
They want deep passion, adventure and wonder-full discovery.
They want to feel lovingly embraced, connected and explored by those they love.
I get it.
I want that too!
Every last bit.
And more.
Why not?
Why shouldn’t we have that?
Sexual pleasure is one of the most amazing gifts of being human.
Our bodies are made for it.
Both alone and with others.
Problem is.…we are going about it in the wrong way.

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How to have more pleasure

How to have more pleasure

Many of our struggles with things like sex and relationships stem from a belief and conditioning that there is right way to experience and define them.

We get unconsciously attached to things like sexual scripts and relationship escalators, habituated to believe that these are the only pathways to a life time of perpetual pleasure, intimacy and connection.

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