Somatic Sex Coaching

Individual Sessions

A safe and supportive space for exploration, learning and discovery.

Couple Sessions

For two or more people who want to explore and learn together.

Workshops and Events

Group learning opportunities, community events and festivals.

My Approach

I offer a welcoming and non-judgemental space where you are supported to explore, experiment and discover your own unique tool kit and what works for you.  Together we identify your learning intentions, desires and challenges and agree on ways to practice and learn both in sessions and at home.  I value slowing down and welcome any feelings of nervousness, embarrassment and not knowing.  With curiosity we utilise a range of Sexological Bodywork, tantra and embodiment practices to build awareness and bring skilfulness to your experiences.  This is a unique and precious offering where people are invited to step beyond shame, conditioning, and performance and allow themselves to be fully seen, valued, and supported to grow and learn in erotic health.

“Despite 30yrs of happy marriage our intimacy had developed a sameness to it, almost a routine. We overcame initial nerves to meet Susan and are so thankful we did. Susan broke it right down to basics and her guidance has brought a much deeper level of connection and provided that spark we were searching for.”

L & M

“Susan shows a high level of integrity and commitment to providing quality education that allows those seeking their own sexual sovereignty the ability to move forward with ease and confidence.”


“I am personally inspired by Susan’s ability as a space holder and the skill it takes to work with everything present in dealing with complex areas of human dynamics and in particular sexuality and it's connection to everything.”