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Learning in a group or community of like-minded people offers a rich and wonderful opportunity to connect and explore together. My workshops and events are welcoming and facilitated spaces for people to learn new skills, share stories and experiences and to try out new things. Grounded firmly in authentic ongoing choice, participants notice and explore their edges, build trust, and find freedom and joy in allowing themselves to be seen and valued for who they are.


Explore, learn, connect and celebrate in abundance with us at the Festival of Embodiment and Sexual Transformation 2023!

After a sold out and hugely successful event in 2022 we will be back to do it all again in November 2023!

FEAST is a joyful celebration and learning opportunity, inclusive of everyone who want to connect with their body, pleasure and community.   Offering the opportunity to learn from some of Australia’s best Sexological Bodyworkers and Somatic Sex Coaches, FEAST is a place to expand, experiment and explore.

Whether you want to lean deeply into your edges of rest quietly and savour the slowing down, FEAST has a place for it all.

To stay tune for updates and early bird tickets please click on the button below and join the FEAST list.

Tickets sell fast with people securing their places before we even advertise!

2023 will be a Festival not to be missed.

EMBRACE - A Group for Survivors of sexual trauma and boundary violation

Does intimacy and pleasure feel important but so challenging due to experiences of sexual trauma and violation?

Do you long to feel confident, sensual and unapologetically alive in your body?

To live life to the fullest and embrace the abundant joy of intimate pleasure for yourself.  And with others.

Do you wish you could build authentic consensual relationships with those you deeply care about?

Where you move beyond triggers to knowing, honouring and trusting your boundaries and communicating what you want.

EMBRACE is a 7-week group for women and vulva owning people seeking the practical tools and information, that support them to reclaim a loving relationship with their body and pleasure.

It is a skillfully facilitated, welcoming space to learn new skills, shed the limitations of shame and fear, and begin building confidence and connection to your sensual self.

It is fun and playful.

Informative and practical.

It is a place to explore, experiment, be totally clunky and learn.

Topics covered at EMBRACE include:

  • Consent, boundaries and communication
  • The truth about sex, bodies and pleasure
  • How to overcome fear, shame and anxiety
  • How to feel sensation and be present in my body

Places strictly limited and will fill quickly.

This group is offered in collaboration with BRISSC.  Please click below to register your interest in the next group. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about workshops and events

Who are workshops and events for?

Workshops and events are for curious people over 18 years of age who have a genuine desire to learn and explore. All people of any gender, sexual orientation or genital configuration are warmly welcome.

Will there be the same number of men and women at the workshop or event?

I choose not to ‘gender balance’ workshops or events and invite participants to be open to having different experiences to what they might normally seek out. Workshops and events are a place to explore and learn outside of attraction and gently challenge the conditioning we are often raised with. You will always have the freedom to choose who you work with and how you work together.

Will there be food and drinks available?

It depends on the length of the workshop. This will be specified in information sent out to you prior to gathering. If you have particular dietary requirements, please let me know before the day of the event.

Are your workshops and events inclusive of everyone?

Absolutely. I am committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces where you are welcome to show up in the fullness of your authentic self. Please let me know if there are things that help you feel more included and welcomed. Diversity, variety, and respectful freedom of expression are cornerstones of my work.

Will there be nudity?

Many workshops and events I offer are clothing optional. You are welcome to wear as many or as few clothes as you feel to. Any variations of dress and undress are fine. What is more important is that you pause for a moment and notice for yourself how many pieces of clothing you would like to keep on or off and then do that.

Do you cater for differing levels of physical ability?

I do my best to ensure all activities are access to everyone regardless of physical abilities. Please feel free to let me know before a workshop or event, the best way I can support you in this regard.

Do I need a partner to come along?

No. Some workshops are specifically for couples, but most are not. You are welcome to come along on your own and team up with others for practices and activities at the event. There is also always the option to do any activities on your own.

What should I bring with me?

Generally, it is useful to bring a water bottle, a towel or sarong, and a cushion or yoga mat. I usually send out a list of things to bring prior to the workshop, but if in doubt these are the basics.

What are your standards regarding hygiene?

Regardless of recent experiences brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic, I adhere to strict hygiene protocols in all workshops and events. Gloves, sanitiser, disinfectant sprays and individual bottles of oil are always available. In addition, I ask that participants who notice any signs of illness do not attend. I am happy to refund your payment in these circumstances.

This is my first time attending anything like this. Is it for me?

Pretty much everyone who has ever stepped foot inside a workshop or event of this nature has felt some sense of initial nervousness or fear (me included!). It is normal, even I would say healthy to feel this way. My events and workshops are created and facilitated in a way that gently supports you to go at your own pace with never an expectation to do anything you do not want to do. I am constantly humbled by the calibre and integrity of people who chose to come along and their capacity to trust, welcome and support each other in the space.

Do I have a choice about participating in the activities?

Yes, absolutely, always. One of the most important things in all my workshops and events is that you slow down, notice and choose from a place of authentic embodied consent. There are many ways to participate including sitting outside of the activity, watching with others permission, or taking a nap if you so choose. All these things count as participating. What is more important than doing everything is taking the time to notice what you really want and making that choice.