Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sexological Bodywork?

Sexological Bodywork is a new and emerging profession offering the profound and effective use of modalities that support participants to gain greater somatic awareness, and deep authentic embodiment and pleasure. Through the exploration of touch, movement, sound, breath and awareness we move beyond the mind and begin to access your sexual self in an empowered and life affirming way. From this place you will begin to feel more, know more and live more. Sexological Bodyworkers are effective in supporting others to learn and grow using the body as teacher and guide.

Modalities such as breath work, skills in touch, genital and anal work, education in arousal anatomy, massage, mindful erotic practice, scar tissue remediation and body mapping are offered as ways of deepening connection and facilitating learning. Sexological Bodyworkers in Australia are trained and certified through the Institute of Somatic Sexology. I am certified and a current member of the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia and as such work in adherence to their professional code of ethics. Touch is one way (from practitioner to client) and protocols such as wearing gloves are adhered to during genital and anal touch.

Sexological Bodyworkers are erotic educators and offer deep experiential learning that is designed to awaken and enliven your sensual, sexual self.

What does somatic and embodiment actually mean?

Embodiment and somatic essentially mean the same thing. Put simply they mean being present to our body. Typically, we often derive information or learn using our minds. Learning somatically shifts awareness into the realms of our body. Being more embodied opens us to a wealth of information, sensation and ultimately pleasure.

What is Somatic Experiencing®?

Somatic Experiencing® is a pioneering approach to healing trauma that focuses on re-establishing a felt sense of safety, choice and presence through working with incomplete nervous system responses to overwhelming events. Developed by Dr. Peter Levine, SE utilises awareness of sensations, gestures, movement and other embodiment tools to relieve the impact of trauma and support people to restore their sense of aliveness, relaxation and vibrancy.   Many people seeking my support have accessed talk therapy and find themselves still stuck, particularly when it comes to sex and intimacy.  Currently in my advanced year of studying SE, I weave these tools with embodiment counselling techniques, Wheel of Consent practices and Sexological Bodywork as a practical and potent way of reconnecting with our whole self and pleasure.

For more information on Somatic Experiencing®, you can visit the SE Australia website.  

What is the difference between Sexual and Erotic?

Erotic energy is big picture with sexual exploration and pleasure being one part or pathway to access and cultivate it. Eroticism includes our sense of vibrancy, creativity and aliveness. It is our juiciness and feeds our sexual charge. It is our life force and is felt deeply through sensation and connection to our whole body. Eroticism does not rely on connection or engagement with another, nor is it only about orgasm. It is ours to own, explore and utilise as it resonates into all that we are and do.

What are some of the reasons someone might book a session?

People seek my support for many reasons and purposes. Some come to work with specific things of concern – areas that no longer serve them; places they want to push beyond and discover what lies beneath. They may be in long term relationships, or with new lovers. They may be single and seek to deeply love and know themselves. They may have experienced sexual trauma or things in life that have robbed them of their innate capacity to feel and be intimate. They may be ecstatically happy and purely desire more pleasure. They may not know exactly where they want to go but are certain of where they no longer want to be.

Who do I work with?

I welcome all genders, sexual orientations, abilities and relating styles. I work with people over 18 who come with an open mind and heart and have a genuine desire to learn, grow and discover

What might a sex coaching session include?

Sessions are framed around your learning intentions and start by meeting you wherever you are at. Our work together is somatically focused so talking is balanced with embodiment practices and body work. Collaboratively we identify your intentions and practices that will support you in working towards what you would like to achieve or experience. Together we negotiate agreements that honour safety and choice whilst supporting you to explore your edges in a resilient and useful way. Sessions are usually 90 minutes and practice opportunities are identified for you to continue working at home.

What might a Somatic Experiencing® session include?

Somatic Experiencing techniques might be woven into any of our sessions depending what shows up and is useful at the time.  However, if we are doing a SE focused session, we would be exploring things like:

  • How to connect to, settle and feel present in your body.
  • Noticing things like sensations and gestures and following these with curiosity to see what wants to happen next.
  • Finding a sense of resource through using imagination, thoughts, emotions and how these then translate to the body.
  • Exploring a traumatic experience gently and slowing so that a survival response (what you wanted to do but didn’t or couldn’t) is completed and current day challenges and experiences can be met with presence and choice.

Where do I work from and what hours are sessions available? 

Sessions are held in a beautiful rural setting in my work studio at home. We are surrounded by bushland and privacy. I am about a 45-minute drive from the centre of Brisbane and the closest train is the Ferny Grove Train Station.

Sessions are available Monday to Friday (excluding Tuesdays) during business hours.   Some early evening sessions are available upon request. 


How do I book a session?

To book a session you can send me an email or text with your contact details, and I will give you a call to talk further. Alternatively, you are welcome to call me directly. My preference is for us to have a brief chat on the phone or via email before an appointment is made.