“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi



Curious? Wondering? Keen to find out more? An introductory session is a great way to meet me, get more information and explore what work might be possible together. Using Zoom, phone or meet in person we can connect, talk and feel into the possibilities, your intentions and how time spent together might be helpful for you. Sessions are half an hour.

Investment: $50


Would you like to have more expansive experiences, feel sexually alive and living your fullest erotic self? Maybe you are feeling stuck or wanting to heal issues of trauma or shame. Individual sessions offer the opportunity to deeply explore, expand and claim your orgasmic potential.

These sessions offer the opportunity to work with a range of strategies, information and mediums to achieve the outcomes you desire. Specifically tailored to your individual needs I offer a non-judgemental, safe and supportive space that supports your exploration and discovery. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Investment: $175 per session


Relationships can be challenging or sometimes lose their spark. Often couples are looking for ways to renew or enliven their sexual connection. Other times obstacles and challenges are standing in the way of feeling deeply connected. Couple sessions are a great way to learn new skills together, explore difficulties and find pathways forward.

Work together with your intimate partner/s to explore and create the relationship and experiences you want together. With guided facilitation you can meet your collaborative edges, tackle challenges and discover new things. Sessions 90 minutes in length.

Investment: $225 per session.


Working online from the privacy of your own home or office is a great way to learn and explore. Zoom conferencing saves time on travel and offers an easily accessible way to connect in real time.

Plenty of meaningful and wonderful work can be done via zoom and it is a great way to get started or continue your explorations and learning. Session are available for individuals and couples and are one hour in length.

Investment: $120 per session

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Packages and Offers

Commit and book five sessions and receive the fifth session free

Learning anything new takes time – particularly if we want that learning to be embodied and a permanent part of who we are. To encourage and support people’s commitment to themselves and to honour the need for practice over time, I offer this package. Book and commit to five sessions and receive the fifth session free.

Take a moment to consider if I am the best practitioner for you

Real and sustainable change and learning happens gradually with patience and practice. If you are looking for a quick fix, I am probably not the practitioner for you. One of the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves is our commitment, curiosity, and compassionate patience. Whether this happens over a couple of months or a lifetime, it doesn’t matter. What matters is letting go of expectations and agendas and making space for what is important to you. That is why I offer these packages – to encourage people to invest, commit and make space for the knowing that meaningful change, happens over time.

PE Package

Many people approach me to work on issues of ejaculation choice. They often come feeling despondent having tried many other approaches without success. This package of five, ninety-minute sessions offers the opportunity to slow things down and build confidence gradually on a foundation of embodiment and awareness. Included is access to email coaching in between sessions and information sheets with skills and practices to explore at home. Investment: $695

Is affordability an obstacle to working with me?

What I value more than money is working with authentic committed people who have a desire to learn and grow. If you feel you would like to do some work together, but finances are getting in the way, please contact me to talk about what might be possible. I want my work to be accessible to all those who are interested and am happy to negotiate payment.

Please note: Images on this website are not necessarily representative of work done in sessions and are of a range of people in different contexts and settings.