Embrace: A Podcast for Survivors by Survivors about Sex and Intimacy


For several years I was employed by the Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre (BRISSC) as a Sexual Assault Worker offering counselling, support and advocacy to survivors of sexual violence. In this role I had the wonderful opportunity to develop and run a 7-week support group on sex and intimacy for survivors, with my friend and colleague – Kendra Russell.  


It was a fantastic group and at the end participants felt passionate about sharing their process, learning and reflections with a wider audience – and so the idea of a podcast was born.


The intention of this podcast is to offer conversations about sex from those who have walked in these shoes.  It is all about survivors talking to survivors about their experiences and journey of reclaiming their connection to their bodies and pleasure.  It is raw, real and full of insights and precious information. 


This podcast is also a valuable tool for those who love and support survivors and for people generally.  Many of my clients (who have not survived violence) use it. 


My passion still burns brightly for the incredibly important work of supporting people to reclaim pleasure after sexual violence. I continue to support survivors through my workshop, individual sessions and work with BRISSC.   


I am so proud of all those who contributed to the creation of this podcast.   Without their courage and determination to rise up, this podcast would never have been possible.  They have been incredible teachers to me and I am forever grateful. 


May this resource be as life changing for you also. 


About Embrace: 


Embrace is a 6-part podcast series drawing on the lived expertise of survivors of sexual violence. Each topic split into two parts – a discussion between survivors about topics relevant to sex and intimacy after trauma, and a somatic ‘practice’ – which support listeners to embody the concepts from the discussion.


The Embrace podcast is available below and on all major podcast platforms!